Digital accessibility isn’t our job – it’s our passion.

Adem, Sarah and Stewart founded Intopia in October 2015. Their vision: a socially-aware boutique digital agency that promoted inclusive design and development. Put another way: let’s make things better for people that need it more than most.

The Intopia team includes a diverse range of backgrounds, views, abilities, and work experience. We don’t do groupthink – we often have robust discussions, usually about WCAG interpretations and coding options but occasionally about the best viewing order of a Star Wars movie marathon.

Raising awareness of accessibility

In our experience most digital accessibility issues stem from lack of awareness, not intentional exclusion, so we’re doing everything we can to close the knowledge gap.

We discuss and share accessibility news through social media
and our blog.

We go to, speak at and run accessibility conferences and community meetups.

We regularly review our accessibility training courses and reference library content so it includes the latest proven techniques and examples.

In our testing we explain how issues affect users to remind people of the human impact beyond the bug report.

Social responsibility

Intopia is a social enterprise, committed to supporting those that help others. We give five percent of our revenue to community and non-profit organisations that support access, inclusion, and women in technology.

Adem Cifcioglu

Adem Cifcioglu

Director, Accessible Technologies

Sarah Pulis

Director, Accessibility Services

Stewart Hay

Stewart Hay

Managing Director

Chris Pycroft

Accessibility Engagement Manager

Allison Ravenhall

Allison Ravenhall

Digital Accessibility Sensei

Andrew Arch

Andrew Arch

Senior Accessibility Consultant