Date: 9 - 10 November 2017

Location: Australian Technology Park
Eveleigh, Sydney

Intopia Director Sarah Pulis is presenting at Web Directions Summit 2017.

Designing for extremes

Are you an average user? Does your environment stay the same? Do your energy levels or emotional state change, affecting how you interact with the world?

The average user does not exist. The average user is a combination of all users that often overlooks that we are all unique, with our own needs and preferences. Some of those needs and preferences stay the same. And some change quickly or slowly over time.

As a user moves away from the artificial concept of average, the experience that person has and the relationship they have with your product that has been designed for average can start to suffer. Delightful might become usable. Usable might become adequate. And for some, the product is not usable at all.

Average often forgets the extremes. But if we design for the extremes, the average will take care of itself.

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