Date: 30 November 2018

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Domain HQ

55 Pyrmont St

Pyrmont NSW 2009

Sarah Pulis, our Director, Accessibility Services, will be taking part in a panel discussion to close out code♥️design, a new “mini-conference” taking place in Sydney on 30 November.

This new event on the web tech conference calendar, driven by the organisers of the Design System Meetup, has attracted enough attention with its focus on the intersection of design and development to demand a change of venue so as to accommodate a greater than expected number of attendees.

As the name implies, the focus is on designers and developers working together, with this conference exploring the role empathy plays in that. Sarah will be taking part in a panel discussion in the final conference session, along with conference keynote presenter Sharon Steed from Communilogue, Eugene Chung from Mentally Friendly, and Ben Crothers from Atlassian – hosted by Alex Skougarevskaya from Atlassian.