Intopia’s next free webinar will focus on intersectionality and inclusive practices. The webinar will take place on Thursday 8 September at 1PM AEST (GMT+10), and will be presented by our Junior Digital Accessibility Consultant Tess Hutley. Registration is not required and you can join through Zoom on the day.

Intersectionality refers to the different factors that can lead to a person experiencing discrimination, such as race, gender and disability and how they overlap. Tess’ presentation explains the need to consider intersectionality when thinking about accessibility.

The webinar will also contain examples of how digital accessibility does not stop with disability, such as an online form that is screen-reader compatible but segregates people into rigid gender categories. It will also highlight the importance of collaborating with people with diverse identities in order to create inclusive user experiences.

The webinar is free to attend and you can join the webinar from 1pm AEST. A recording will also be released on our YouTube channel for anyone unable to attend.