Intopia’s Strategy and Policy services provide strategic consulting and practical solutions to help you turn accessibility goals into sustainable realities. We focus on practical approaches to policy development and strategic planning. We help you to embed inclusivity across your organisation.

We often begin with an in-depth analysis of your company’s digital accessibility maturity. This lays the groundwork for strategic development. Based on this analysis, we create customised strategies and action plans, focusing on establishing and improving accessibility practices.

Our services extend to implementing these strategies effectively within your organisation. We offer support in areas such as governance, performance monitoring, and reporting. This helps in maintaining accountability and tracking progress towards achieving your accessibility goals. Our aim is to enhance your team’s accessibility understanding and skills. 

Strategy and Policy services

  • Accessibility maturity assessments  
  • Strategy and action plans  
  • Governance, performance monitoring and reporting  
  • Accessible ICT framework  
  • Accessibility toolbox  
  • Standards, policies and processes  
  • Accessible ICT procurement  
  • Accessibility champions programs

Strategy and Policy wins

“The feedback from my procurement people was that everything made sense and gave them a better understanding of accessible ICT procurement. Importantly, they felt that they would have no problem ‘operationalizing’ it.”

– Manager at an Australian university

“I just wanted to reiterate how valuable the toolkit has been for us. As I’ve mentioned before, it has sparked a shift in our approach to accessibility and inclusive design. Its practical, hands-on nature has made a significant impact, not only in our daily work but also in the inclusivity and accessibility of our products and services.”

– Accessibility Lead at a major logistics company

“The checklists are absolutely fabulous and will be so, so helpful for the team.”

– Digital Marketing Manager at a health organisation