We get a kick out of auditing sites and apps for accessibility. Truly!
Finding issues then providing advice to fix it all up is super-satisfying.

We’ll tell you how your site measures up against international standards like the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 , opens in new tab or WCAG 2.1 , opens in new tab ). But we don’t stop there – we also report on best practices we’ve collected over years of working with users and assistive technology.

We don’t just aim for WCAG compliance; we’ll help you give the best possible experience to your users.

An Intopia digital accessibility audit is so much more than a defect list. Like Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, we give you all the details:

  • Who each issue affects
  • What the root cause is
  • When and where it happens
  • Why it’s a problem
  • How to fix it

Armed with that info, you can fix things accurately and fast. We prioritise the issues, so you know what to tackle first.

Our detectives use the latest assistive technology, accessibility tools and manual techniques to find issues. Our audit reports include screen shots and code snippets from your site, not generic examples.