We hate droning lectures, so we’ve created interesting and occasionally irreverent sessions directly related to what you do. We want you to be able to use this stuff as soon as you leave the training room.

Our training courses

Designing for digital accessibility

Make your designs accessible, and share their beauty with everyone. Explore UI and interaction design principles that contribute to creating barrier-free experiences. This is great for visual and UX designers, and digital professionals.

Developing for web accessibility

Ready to become an accessibility coding boss? Expand your knowledge of ARIA, the accessibility tree, building accessible forms and web components, and heaps more. This course is great for front-end or full-stack developers.

Creating accessible content

Are you a word wrangler? Discover how language, structure, and micro-content work together to create accessible content. This course is great for anyone who creates, publishes, or manages digital content.

Testing web accessibility for teams

Who said accessibility testing is not a team sport? Learn some quick and easy tests that will uncover common accessibility issues we see in websites. This course is for any digital professional interested in accessibility testing.

Managing accessibility in digital projects

Designed for project managers, business analysts, product owners and others that need to know how digital accessibility affects their projects, websites and mobile apps.

Creating accessible documents: Word and PDF

This course provides practical, hands-on guidance and instructions for creating accessible documents using Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro. It is designed for anyone who creates Word documents, or who needs to review and make a PDF accessible.

Creating accessible native apps

Designed for native mobile designers and developers, this course covers basic principles and practical techniques for creating accessible native mobile apps in iOS and Android.

Conducting user research with people with disability

If you work in user research and usability testing and want to include a wider range of participants in your work, this workshop is for you. Learn about diverse users in the digital world, and gain the confidence to do user research and usability testing with people with disability.

Accessibility testing with NVDA

Want to learn the language of screen readers? Get hot tips on how people use screen readers, plus hands-on experience using NVDA to check if your website works as intended. This course is great for any digital professional who wants to learn more about screen readers and testing with NVDA.