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Why Intopia training?

Interactive: Our courses are designed to keep learners actively engaged with a mix of delivery modes and activities.

Adaptable: We can tailor your training program to best suit your needs.

Responsive: Our instructors respond to on-the-spot questions and conversations to meet the needs of the group.

Applicable: We use real-world examples including from your product.

Informed: Our courses are built by learning and accessibility professionals to deliver the best online learning experience possible.

Up-to-date: We continue to update and refine our training in response to real-world challenges and trends.

Global: We can conduct training in any time zone to suit your needs.

Delivery options

Option 1: Self-paced online training

Our Intopia Learn platform provides a range of self-paced accessibility courses that are designed to keep learners actively engaged through videos, activities, quizzes and knowledge checks.

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Option 2: Instructor-led training for organisations

Learn from industry-leading professionals in our instructor-led training. Courses are designed to keep learners actively engaged through discussion, problem solving, and collaborative activities.

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Option 3: Instructor-led public training

Some of our training courses are also available as public training. These courses are made available at specific times throughout the year. Public training is ideal for individuals or small groups.

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Option 4: Instructor-led bespoke training

We can customise our training courses to suit your organisation’s needs, tailored from existing content or built from scratch.

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Our courses

Designing for digital accessibility

Want to make sure anyone can enjoy the beauty of your designs? Explore UI and interaction design principles that contribute to creating barrier-free experiences. This course is great for visual and UX designers, and digital professionals.

Developing for web accessibility

Keen to craft accessible websites and web applications? Expand your knowledge of ARIA, the accessibility tree, building accessible forms and web components, and heaps more. This course is great for front-end and full-stack engineers.

Testing web accessibility for teams

Need some tips to get your teams into testing? Learn some quick and easy checks that will uncover common accessibility issues we see in websites and web apps. This course is for great for any digital professional interested in accessibility testing.

Creating accessible content for UX and forms

Wondering how to publish the perfect form? Discover how language, structure and microcontent work together to make accessible content and interactive experiences. This course is great for anyone who is creating interactive content, such as UX writers or form creators.

Creating accessible content for web and documents

Curious if your documents can really be read by everyone? Explore how to create accessible content, and then apply it to Word and PDF documents. This course is great for anyone who creates, publishes, or manages digital web content or documents.

Creating accessible content for social media and multimedia

Want your content to connect with a broader community? Explore how to make your written, visual, and media content accessible no matter what platform you’re publishing to. This course is great for anyone who creates or manages content for web and socials.

Conducting user research with people with disability

Would you like your research to reach more people? Learn about diverse users in the digital world, and gain the confidence to do user research and usability testing with people with disability. This course is great for user researchers and testers who want to include a wider range of participants in their work.

Managing accessibility in digital projects

Need help plotting a course towards accessible digital products? Explore how accessibility decisions can be factored into all aspects of planning, delivery and launch of your product. This course is great for anyone who manages digital projects.

Writing accessibility requirements

Need some guidance including accessibility requirements in your projects? Explore how to include accessibility into processes such as the definition of ready, the definition of done, and user stories and acceptance criteria. This course is great for anyone who writes project requirements.

Creating accessible native apps

Are your apps accessible to all? Learn the basic principles and practical techniques for creating accessible native mobile apps in iOS and Android. This course is great for Native mobile designers, developers and testers.

Creating accessible emails

Eager to craft emails that will reach all your readers? Learn how to write, design and mark-up accessible HTML emails. This course is great for communications and marketing professionals, and anyone working with HTML emails.

Accessibility testing with NVDA

Looking to learn the language of screen readers? Get hot tips on how people use screen readers, plus hands-on experience using NVDA to check if your website works as intended. This course is great for any digital professional who wants to learn more about screen readers and testing with NVDA.