Inclusive Design 24 (also known as #ID24) returns on Thursday 11 October and Intopia is proud to be, for the first time, a partner of the event!

What is #ID24?

Inclusive Design 24 is literally twenty-four hours of talks about accessibility and inclusive design, back to back, featuring presenters from around the world who between them form a global Who’s Who of accessibility.

This is the sixth time #ID24 has been held. Created by The Paciello Group, the day aims to celebrate the great work being done in inclusive design, and share learnings that can be applied to all our work. This year, Intopia is one of just four global partners for the event along with TPG, Barclays and MS Edge.

Inclusive Design 24 is online and virtual, with a new webinar every hour on how to make the digital world more inclusive and accessible. It’s free to attend, with no signup and no registration required. Anyone can tune in for any live presentation or watch it on-demand after the event.


#ID24 logo banner

How do I participate?

The full schedule for Inclusive Design 24 is now online. Have a look through and work out which sessions appeal to you most or are in the most convenient timeslot for you.

Shortly before #ID24 begins, a direct link to each session will be published in the schedule. Each session will be streamed via YouTube, so there’s no software or programs to install. All talks will be live captioned, with links for each captioning stream published on the #ID24 website shortly before the event begins.

You can join in the discussion on Twitter throughout the event with the #ID24 hashtag (which is where you’ll probably find us!). If you have a question for a presenter about their topic either before or during their presentation, submit your question using the hashtag #id24q, and moderators of the session will pass it on to the presenter(s).

Why not make an event out of it?

If there’s a group of people you know (maybe even your own workplace) who would be interested in the event, why not set up a meetup or satellite event? You can run the event for as long as you like – the full 24 hours if you’re up for it or focus on just a few hours convenient to your time zone.

There’s some helpful event pointers on the ID24 website and be sure to use the #id24u hashtag. If you’re running an event in Australia, let us know at @Intopia as well, and we’ll be sure to give it a plug.

See you there!

As a part of the #ID24 lineup, our own Sarah Pulis and Andrew Arch will be co-presenting on Using cognitive walkthroughs to better review designs for accessibility. Their presentation will run for an hour from 4.00pm AEDT on 11 October (the #ID24 website shows your local time). We’ll be tweeting along throughout the event at @Intopia (we’ve already ordered the caffeine to make sure we’re up for as much of it as possible!).

Did you know?

Inclusive Design 24 was one of the first events we took part in as Intopia!

Sarah presented at the 2016 ID24 on Lessons learnt from building complex web applications. Check out the video of her presentation:


See you at #ID24!