Intopia’s second Assistive Technology Survey is currently underway, and as a part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’re dropping a few tidbits from results so far.

Our second Assistive Technology survey is now open. Focusing on both Australia and New Zealand, the survey aims to show how Australians and New Zealanders use technology and assistive technology. The results will be used to provide important insights to government and corporate sectors on how assistive technologies are used on products and services, and considerations that put the needs of users first.

Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our survey. We’ll be working more collaboratively with organisations to help increase the impact of the survey (and its results). You’ll also have more time to take part and share it with your networks, which some of you have asked for. If you’re interested in partnering with us on the survey, get in touch with us. We’ll be releasing the full results of the survey in the second half of the year and making them available for free.

Given we can’t yet release the full results this Global Accessibility Awareness Day, here’s a few of the initial stats that have come through so far:

  • A third of our respondents to date are under the age of 50
  • A laptop or desktop computer is still the most common way assistive technology users are likely to access your website, and they’re more likely to use Windows on their computers
  • When it comes to mobile though, iOS takes charge. Five times as many respondents indicated they used VoiceOver on Apple devices than TalkBack on Android
  • When it comes to choice of screen reader for desktop and laptop users, JAWS and NVDA are the screen readers used most, and the results to date are close – usage is nearly the same between both screen readers
  • For people that have screen readers on their desktop or laptop, a massive 88% of them said they change at least 1 default setting to help support them navigating the web

If you’re interested in taking part, the survey can be completed by anyone over the age of 18 in Australia or New Zealand that has a disability and uses any form of assistive technology to help them navigate the digital world, or any accessibility setting on their computer or mobile devices. Nearly every question in the survey is optional, which means that you only share the information that you’re comfortable with sharing. The survey is also anonymous.

Take part in Intopia’s 2023 Assistive Technology Survey now. If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact us at