As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2023, Intopia is beta launching a new online learning platform. Our Beta launch includes courses that are being made available in full for free, and previews of other courses to come later this year.

We’re big fans of flexibility at Intopia. We know that people like to do things their own way.

That’s why we’re launching Intopia Learn. Intopia Learn is our range of eLearning courses that deliver our knowledge and experience across the world of accessibility right to you, on demand and at your own pace.

When you sign up for an Intopia Learn course, you won’t spend the entire time just reading and clicking. Our courses are a blend of videos, articles, quizzes, and activities to keep you engaged as you make your way through each module.

Each course is self-paced and you can take up to a year to complete. You can sign up solo or bring your entire team. If you have a large group of people, please reach out to us so we can discuss group discount offers.

Screenshot of the Intopia Learn platform, featuring a quiz on screen and a list of screens as part of the accessibility fundamentals course

Our trainers

Our trainers are accessibility and inclusive learning professionals. We’re taking our many years of experience in face-to-face and virtual accessibility training programs and bottling up the magic. You can find out who some of our trainers are on the About Us page of our website.

Our courses

Later this year, we’ll be launching full versions of our popular courses in areas such as development, design, and content creation. But you wouldn’t expect us to leave you empty handed on GAAD, would you?

The following content is available now on Intopia Learn.

Accessibility fundamentals (free course)

Take an introductory tour through the world of accessibility. Get to know what digital accessibility is, who it affects, and why it matters, as well as some common terms and concepts you’ll encounter in our training courses.

Creating accessible Word documents (free course)

Become a Microsoft wizard as you master the common Word tools and practices that will make your documents accessible to all. Develop your understanding of accessible content principles like structure, readability, and using colour, and how they work in Word documents.

Creating accessible PDFs (preview)

Don’t get tangled up by the tag tree – you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro and similar programs to create accessible documents for everyone. You’ll learn how to use the Tag and Order systems to make a PDF accessible, with plenty of opportunities to try out what you learn.

Developing for web accessibility (preview)

Crack the accessibility code as you expand your knowledge and try out new patterns and tools. You’ll cover ARIA, the accessibility tree, building accessible forms and web components, and more as you become an ace at accessible engineering.

Designing for digital accessibility (preview)

Explore the UI and interaction design principles behind creating barrier-free experiences. You’ll get a handle on responsive layouts, visual design, media alternatives and more. Learn to make your designs accessible and share their beauty with everyone.

What platform are the courses run on?

We’re partnered with the Thinkific Learning Management Platform to help bring Intopia Learn to life. We’ve audited the platform for accessibility, tested it with real people, and are working with Thinkific to ensure that everyone who signs up can access the learning content in full. The learning platform is available through both browsers and mobile apps, which means you can use your preferred device to access your courses.

What’s next?

We’re excited to share this beta stage with you because it’s just the beginning. You’ll want to stay tuned for updates to:

  • Course launch dates
  • More course announcements (such as content, testing and research – spoiler alert!)
  • New platform features and usability upgrades
  • Upcoming offers and discounts

Be sure to sign up on our new learning platform Intopia Learn to keep up to date with future developments and course announcements.