We’re so excited to share that two members of the Intopia team, Andrew Arch and Sarah Pulis, have contributed the fifth and final module to W3C’s new online course!

Online and free, this Introduction to Web Accessibility provides a good foundation in accessibility for digital professionals.

The course includes 5 modules:

  1. What is web accessibility?
  2. People and digital technologies
  3. Business case and benefits
  4. Principles, standards (WCAG) and checks
  5. Getting started with web accessibility – the one they prepared

Module 5 talks about getting started with web accessibility in your organisation, pulling the earlier modules together. Building on the W3C’s material that covered discovering, planning, implementing and maintaining web accessibility, they help you understand how to get web accessibility adopted in your organisation.

With 30 years working in web accessibility between the 2 of them, Andrew and Sarah were able to draw on their experiences to bring the content to life.

They also created 7 short videos to enhance some of the material covered and had a lot of fun doing it! Several takes were required as it turns out Sarah gets the giggles when recording :). They are both now proficient in the use of an autocue, but still ad-libbed at times.

Which was their favourite? That would be the one about Involving Users – a theme that ran through several other modules of the course as well. This video features some of the speakers from A11y Camp 2019 who shared the importance of being involved in the creation of web products and services.

Here’s a rundown of the other topics they cover:

  • Explore your internal and legal environment to discover what your organisation might need to do
  • Set objectives and allocate resources
  • Gather support from stakeholders
  • Create an accessibility policy and prepare an accessibility statement to declare your commitment
  • Recognise that different roles have different responsibilities and ensure people have the appropriate skills
  • Involve users to understand their needs and identify issues
  • Monitor changes in technologies and the policy and standards environment to keep your policy up to date
  • Keep everyone informed – internal and external stakeholders

This great course is self-paced, and enrolments are open now. You also have the option of adding a verified certificate for $148AUD. Check out the Introduction to Web Accessibility.