We’re thrilled to announce that a new initiative we’ve been working on has finally had its beta launch – Intopia Connect.

It’s a platform that will allow organisations to get a greater understanding of how to make their work more accessible, and provide a channel for people with a disability to give direct feedback on making websites, products and services inclusive and accessible to all.

At Intopia, we work with organisations to help them make their products and services accessible, including conducting usability testing with people with a disability. To carry this out, we’ve recruited a pool of people with a range of types and levels of disability who can be available in different locations around Australia.

Intopia Connect now makes this pool of testers with disabilities available as a stand alone service. It could be as basic as just recruiting the right testers for a project, all the way through to managing the whole process from recruitment, organising venues and equipment, conducting the tests, documentation and reporting.

Intopia Connect organises usability testing

Intopia Connect was developed because we’re a firm believer in ‘nothing for us, without us’. We see this as a way to give people with disabilities a direct voice by providing meaningful and actionable feedback on products and services that ought to be accessible to them.

At the same time, we hear from our clients that they want more than just WCAG conformance, they want what they’re creating to be actually usable. They know testing with users with a disability is critical to reaching that standard. And we know there are more organisations who want and need this.

So, how does Intopia Connect work?

I’m a person with a disability, and I’m interested in participating

Excellent! Every person has a unique user experience, and we want to make sure that important knowledge is captured. We want to make your voices heard, and we want to work with organisations to ensure positive change is made. We align each opportunity with your interests, and make sure that you’re available, willing and able to participate. You’ll also get paid for your time.

Become an Intopia Connect participant!

We’ll be in touch with you shortly after you’ve registered to work out what interests you the most, so you can be involved in the right opportunities.

Note: Intopia Connect is currently focused on having Australians with a disability who are 18 years and older involved, but this will likely change as Intopia Connect grows. Watch this space!

I’m from an organisation that wants to engage with people with a disability

It’s fantastic you want to involve people with a disability into your development process. We can help make this happen, from one-on-one usability research sessions through to focus groups. We then report back to you on the feedback that users have provided, and help you turn the feedback you get from users into tangible change. It will help make your content or product accessible to as many people as possible.

Find out more about Intopia Connect’s business services.

Intopia Connect isn’t designed to be ‘one size fits all’, we want to help join the dots in any way we can to make digital world as inclusive as possible. Get in touch with us if this sounds like what you’re looking for.

What’s next for Intopia Connect?

Intopia Connect is in its ‘beta’ phase, which means we’re still making sure it’s as good as it can possibly be and it meets everyone’s needs before we fully launch the service.

If you have any feedback on Connect (whether you’re signing up, or just want more information), contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Find out more about this new service at the Intopia Connect website.