NVDA Installation Instructions

  1. Download NVDA.
  2. You will be prompted to donate. This is optional. You can check the “Skip donation this time” option at the bottom.
  3. The setup file will be named nvda_2020.3.exe (with the year or version changing to reflect the current release).
  4. Run the file.
  5. Check the “I agree” checkbox.
  6. Check the option to create a desktop shortcut selected.
  7. Uncheck the option to start NVDA automatically when logging in to your computer.

Launching NVDA

Once installed, start NVDA by either pressing Control + Alt + N which is the desktop shortcut, or choosing “NVDA” from the NVDA menu under Programs in the Start Menu.

You will be greeted by a welcome dialog box with some options.

Select the following:

  1. Select the Desktop layout (default).
  2. Select “CAPSLOCK” as the modifier key.
  3. Uncheck “Start NVDA after I sign in”.
  4. Uncheck “Show this dialog when NVDA starts”.