Intopia Connect helps put people with disabilities front and centre in digital accessibility. 

If you’re an organisation that wants feedback from your users (including people with a disability), you can work with Intopia Connect. We’ll work with you to identify what demographics of users should take part in your user sessions, and we’ll take care of the recruitment. We can also facilitate sessions and provide you with a final report (or even a highlights reel) that includes user feedback and gives recommendations on how to make the most meaningful impact for your product or service. Sessions are delivered virtually, or we can work with you on face-to-face sessions.  

If you’re a person with a disability, you can sign up to Intopia Connect. After filling out your profile, we will contact you for any potential opportunities for you to take part in. You’ll get paid for every feedback session you take part in.

Participation (and recruitment) is currently limited to Australia and New Zealand. If you’re looking for sessions outside either of those countries, get in touch with us so that we can have a chat. 

To find out more about our usability testing, or to book some sessions with us, please contact us.