Organisations want to be more inclusive but do not always understand the needs, behaviors, and attitudes of people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities. Our Equitable Research and Design services help organisations design with, not for, people.

Our extensive experience working with diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities allows us to conduct equitable research with confidence. This expertise allows us to synthesise feedback into valuable insights to inform your design decisions.

Our Intopia Connect panel includes people from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities who want to share their personal insights and experiences. Our ever-growing panel allows organisations to quickly and easily connect with these important communities.

We’re dedicated to designing experiences that are truly equitable and inclusive for all. 

Equitable Research and Design services

  • Accessibility and equity awareness  
  • Equitable research mentoring  
  • Research and usability testing  
  • Co-design and collaboration  
  • Expert usability reviews 

Equitable Research and Design wins

“A HUGE thank you to you all for such an incredible two days. It has been so insightful and the team is already talking about how we can do better.”

– Design researcher at a global technology company after our usability testing sessions

“It was a really great opportunity to learn more about how to run usability testing with participants with a disability. The team learned so much during the three sessions, and in particular, we learned a lot about the lived experiences of our participants and how we can improve our digital tools. You have a very inclusive and patient training style, which really helped with the learning environment.”

– Inclusive design leader at an Australian utility provider