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We create digital solutions to make the world more inclusive.

Accessibility Gap Analysis

Accessibility is a journey and the first step is knowing where you are on that journey. An accessibility gap analysis looks at your accessibility maturity in areas such as policy, procurement, governance, culture, process and understanding across your organisation.

Accessibility Action Plan

A journey is always more effective with a roadmap and a clear destination. An accessibility action plan will outline the steps you need to take to increase your accessibility maturity and help you realise your goal of the best user experiences possible for all.

Accessibility Testing Services

Whether you are looking at testing your website or mobile app against standards and best practice, and with assistive technologies or testing with real users to understand whether the experience you’ve created works for them, we can help you.

Accessibility Training

You shouldn't have to rely on us all the time! Become self-sufficient as we guide your team through the basics of accessibility all the way through to the advanced technical know-how. Our training is tailored to the different roles each person plays so everyone knows what their responsibilities are and how to work together.

Accessible Design and Development

An inclusive approach to design and development keeps everyone in mind. Being able to work with teams that design and build websites is where we shine. We can embed ourselves in your team as accessibility specialists or we can design and build something for you!

Accessibility Consulting

Not everything you need fits into a neat box and neither do our services and knowledge! Our highly skilled consultants each have specialist knowledge in different areas of accessibility and are adaptable to different situations and requirements. Talk to us about your specific needs.


We believe everyone has a right to inclusive digital experiences that enrich their lives.

The benefit is that an accessible site has amazing user experience. Great experiences are the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Your investment in accessibility is an investment in people. All people, not just someone who has different abilities. Every time you pay attention to roadblocks for one group of people, it improves the experience for everyone else. It’s no longer just about equal access.

Accessibility is about universal, barrier-free access to technology and digital content. You can be part of that revolution.


Here is our story so far.

  • October 2015

    How it all started

    Our belief that everyone has a right to inclusive digital experiences that enrich their lives brought our three founders together to form Intopia, a boutique digital agency that designs and develops digital solutions to make the world more inclusive.

  • January 2016

    An Agency is Born

    Intopia officially launches in January 2016. While our intention was to ease into our new business, our clients had other plans. Our first 2 months saw us working with one of Australia's major banks, a leading supermarket and Australia's major postal organisations.

  • March 2016

    Chris joins the team

    Our flying start saw us bring on our first new staff member within 3 months. Chris is a passionate change-maker keen to see positive change wherever possible. He's a multi-talented guy, and will be mananging our community engagement as well as being an accessibility consultant.

  • The future

    Onwards and upwards

    We are excited by the future. We are a social enterprise, and our goal is not not only to work with clients to create a more inclusive digital world but support the communities that are working towards that same goal. We will continue to support Australia's largest accessibility events in Australia, A11y bytes and A11y camp.

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Our Amazing Team

Meet our talented team of innovative people who live and breathe accessibility and inclusion

Adem Cifcioglu

Director, Accessible Technologies

Sarah Pulis

Director, Accessibility Services

Stewart Hay

Managing Director

Chris Pycroft

Accessibility Engagement Manager

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